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You’ll find our banana grower, Banafrut, in the tropical Uraba region of Colombia. Ran by the dynamic Echavarría family since 1988; Banafrut has 34 farms, a massive 3,600 hectares and they export around 10 million boxes of bananas every year. That’s a lot of fruit!

Banafrut are impressively the largest Fairtrade producer of a single product worldwide (10 million bananas seems like a fair amount to us).

You’ve probably heard the term “Fairtrade” bandied around but do you know what it actually means? Well with Banafrut, it means they receive a $1 Fairtrade Premium for every box sold. When you’re talking about 10m boxes of bananas – that adds up to a lot! This money is spent on projects to help the workers and their families by giving them access to things like healthcare, education, dentistry and improved housing. Basically, a lot of the things we take for granted in the UK. The fab thing about it is that a committee, including elected workers, decides how to use the money.

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