Behind the scenes


Agrolibano is based in San Lorenzo, Honduras. The company is family run with 2,400 hectares of beautifully delicious melons grown every year. They’re helped out by some friendly worker bees – they have 3,000 beehives across their land with the added benefit of access to some really tasty honey (we’ve tried it, it’s ridiculously good).

Agrolibano have had such a positive impact on their local community that the Honduran government is using their community model as an example to other businesses in the area. This grower is not content with just shelling out some cash for projects, they actively run them. They even saved their local hospital from being closed by rebuilding it, updating it and now they administer it on behalf of the government. This hospital is one of the best in Honduras.

Agrolibano workers are encouraged to grow their own fruit and veg (a project we wholeheartedly approve of) and the company is committed to reducing the illiteracy rate in their local communities from 12% to 5% through educational reform and the jazzing up of school classrooms – learning can be fun!

If you want to find out more about all the awe-inspiring work Agrolibano do for their local community, you can access their site here.

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