Behind the scenes


Down on Timberlea farm in the western cape of South Africa, you’ll find a gang of fluffy white ducks. Yes, you read that correctly – ducks. These feathered friends are part of the stone fruit team and work hard all day long, enjoying fine cuisine in the form of slugs and snails. This is Timberlea’s nifty take on organic pest control (both effective and adorable).

Timberlea’s currently owned and run by Roy Jeffery – the Jeffery family started growing and trading fruit back in 1948 under the ‘bluejay’ brand. They’re super talented at growing amazing stone fruit varieties.

The company has expanded massively since its humble beginnings back in the late forties and Timberlea now operates a super-slick operation. Sustainability is the name of the game with solar panels installed to create electricity and a massive 99.5% of their waste is reused through recycling and an amazingly innovative compost initiative.

Fruit is Timberlea’s passion and we’ve been lucky enough to work with them for over 10 years now.

“We swear to sell the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.” – The blueJay/Timberlea ethos

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