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Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg - May 13 2021
5 Things you didn’t know about Chicory

Did you know that we are the only commercial growers of Chicory in the UK?

Chicory is “interesting” to grow – at least that’s what Brian our “Chief Chicory Grower” says when asked the question. Brian is regularly featured in our Social Media and people love asking him questions about his job and the crops he is growing.

So, we picked his brains and asked him for 5 facts about Chicory that people might not know:

1. Chicory has to be grown in the pitch dark and we have an expert grower (Brian) who checks the crops carefully and monitors their growth.

2. We grow two types of Chicory – Red and White. Although the white chicory does look yellow in colour.

3. White (or yellow) Chicory is extremely sensitive to light, so its best kept in a brown bag or its original packaging in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Red Chicory is less sensitive to light, but the colour will dull after 7 days if exposed to too much light.

4.Chicory contains Vitamin B6, Maganese, Inulin, Potassium and Vitamins A & C as well as calcium, so it’s great to include Chicory into your diet.

5. Chicory is classed as an “Endive” which is a leaf vegetable and part of the same family as Radicchio.

One way to enjoy Chicory is in a Chicory and vegetable Gratin. We have a fab recipe on our Instagram which you should check out. 

Chicory is available from most major supermarkets, and you can try our Curious Chicory directly from Amazon Fresh.

Shop Curious White Chicory 

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