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Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg - April 20 2021
Curious to know how we’re being sustainable?

Here at Curious, we care about our planet. We know that without the Earth we couldn’t grow our wonderful fruits and vegetables, and that’s why we take care to make sure we are sustainable and ethical in all areas of our business.

Like everyone, we are still learning and making changes all the time to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. We like to think that the changes we’ve made recently are for the better and with the future in mind.

Let’s go through the changes we’ve made so far:

1. We have an intelligent air system in our packhouse, which recycles air from our main building and offices. When recycling the air, it is cooled down and pumped into the packhouse making a better environment for packing and making the air system eco-friendly.

2. It's no secret that a very important element of growing Chicory is water. Therefore, we have a clever water recycling system that re-uses rainwater to grow our chicory crop!

3. To help conserve energy, every light at Curious HQ is fitted with a sensor. This means that they turn off when no motion is detected to help save energy.

4. We have purchased a new forklift fleet to help further reduce our carbon footprint. The new fleet runs on electric, so that means our use of diesel and our diesel consumption has reduced.

5. We mentioned before that it takes a lot of water to grow chicory, and although we re-use rainwater like we said before, we also have much more efficient technology in our chicory growing rooms which helps reduce water consumption. It will detect when water is needed and then send it through the system, rather than having a constant flow. This also helps to conserve energy.

We have many more plans in the future to become more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly and one of our main goals for the future is to be part of a B-corp business!

We’ll keep you updated on our Sustainability journey via our blogs and social media, so if you’re ever curious to see what we’re up to, give us a follow!

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Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg - May 11 2021
5 Things you didn’t know about Celeriac

Celeriac, known as “The Ugly One” is a staple in many kitchens. So versatile and tasty it goes with many dishes as well as being a centerpiece in itself.

Our favourite way to enjoy celeriac is cut into chips and roasted in the oven, but we do love it roasted with herbs and garlic.

Take a look at Wholefood Warrior’s "Whole Baked Celeriac" with warm couscous salad recipe if you are looking for some dinner inspiration. 

Or if you want to try something new with Celeriac, why not try her "Celeriac and Duck Egg Carbonara". The images of these dishes are below: 

If you haven't tried it before, here's 5 things you might not know about Celeriac:  

1️. Celeriac juice helps ulcers and injuries heal when applied directly as a compress to the affected area.

 2️. Celeriac belongs to the same plant family as carrots and is also related to celery, parsley, and parsnips.

3️. Peak season for Celeriac is September to April, but celeriac is generally available and grown all year-round.

4. Celeriac is very low in calories and 100g of Celeriac Root only contains 42 calories.

5. Celeriac can discolour quickly once peeled, so if you don’t use your celeriac all in one go, you can keep it fresh by storing it in water with a squeeze of lemon juice and some white wine vinegar.

You can buy Curious Celeriac at Booths Country Stores or on Amazon Fresh


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Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg - November 24 2021
There’s no such thing as too much Garlic!

We are very excited to introduce our brand new Wonderfully Curious Peeled Garlic to you. You’ll find it on Ocado and you can add it to your basket from today.


So, what’s so special about this product?


Firstly, here at Curious Fresh Fruit and Veg, we like things that are a little bit different, things that make an impact and help bring our fresh fruit and veg to you in an appealing way (see what we did there :P).


So, Our Wonderfully Curious Peeled Garlic was designed with you in mind, taking into account your busy work / life schedules and how much time you actually have of an evening to cook something. Garlic is incredibly versatile and can be used in loads of recipes, so we wanted to encourage the use of fresh garlic, rather than pastes or purees to help towards making your dinner the best it can be.


Wonderfully Curious Peeled Garlic lasts up to 14 days in the fridge, and up to 5 days once opened, giving you plenty of time to try out different meals and recipes. Our garlic is suitable for chopping or slicing into dishes, crushing, or mincing into meals like Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognaise or even just for roasting alongside your Sunday Roast. It really is the perfect addition to anyone’s fridge.


If we haven’t tempted you enough, here’s a few more reasons why you should give our Wonderfully Curious Peeled Garlic a go…


🧄 Wonderfully Curious Peeled Garlic can be kept in the fridge for up to 14 days, and up to 5 days once opened. 

🧄 The Packaging is re-sealable, which is great for keeping the garlic fresh

🧄 Peeled garlic is so versatile, and in our prepared format, it’s so much quicker and a lot less mess than preparing your own.

🧄 Why is it “Wonderfully Curious”? Well, our Wonderfully range has had a little bit more TLC before reaching you, and is part of our premium range of products.


If you’d like to give our garlic a try, can we recommend trying this recipe shared by Ocado. 

It’s a Garlic Mushroom Lasagne recipe that contains 40 (yes 40!) cloves of Garlic! That’ll keep the vampires away till next Halloween!

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