One of the most popular food items to grace the screens of our social media feeds, the demand for avocados in the UK keeps growing and growing! We’re rising to the challenge and working with our growers to plant more avocado trees so we have tasty green fruits for everyone all year round. You can choose to ripen your fresh avocado at home or pick a perfectly ripened ready-to-eat version.


Refreshing juices, vibrant cocktail garnishes and some of the best salads and desserts around (hello lemon drizzle cake). The citrus fruit family is made up of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and the small but mighty easy peeler. We offer a bountiful selection of citrus fruits including scrummy seasonal varieties for when you’re feeling extra zesty.

Stone fruit

The stone fruit category can be a tricky one to navigate – hundreds of varieties, different seasons, a wide location of growers (from New Zealand to Chile) and the sheer amount of fruit the UK demands can be a lot to handle. Luckily for us, we’re really rather good at it. Years of experience combined with some top notch growers means we have some of the best stone fruit around.


Ah, the humble berry. Strawberries at picnics, blueberries in your smoothies and raspberries in your Pavlova. Long gone are the days of only eating berries in the summer, now you can enjoy berries every day of the year, even British grown strawberries at Christmas (get in).


Melons capture the taste of sunshine, probably because they’re grown in some of the most tropical places on Earth. They’re juicy, mouthwateringly delicious and sweet (which results in them disappearing like Houdini whenever we have samples at Curious HQ). Whether you prefer Piel de Sapo, Cantaloupe, Galia, Watermelon, Charentais or Honeydew, we’ve got you covered.


If the world of fresh fruit was a popularity contest, the banana would win first prize every time. More bananas are sold in the UK each year than any other fruit. They’re super convenient and great as snacks or in desserts – banana pancakes anyone?


Sweet, crisp and yummy – grapes come in three colours: red, green and black. We pick several varieties from sun drenched vineyards draped over scenic rolling hillsides. Our grapes are easy to prepare – give them a quick dousing with water and they’re ready to eat. Perfect for any dinner party cheeseboard.


Our veg selection shows off the best of unusual veg, many of which is grown at home in the UK. We’re not talking about your average spud or carrot here, we’re talking about pak choi, celeriac and chicory to name but a few. Our veg packs a real punch of flavour and can be used to make a variety of healthy and delicious meals.

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