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Cartama is nestled in the stunning rolling hills of Colombia with farms across Medellin and Pereira (that’s near the top of the country if geography isn’t your strong suit). Colombia is a fantastic place to grow avocados – the soil’s jam packed with volcanic nutrients and the natural rainfall combined with the altitudes of Cartama’s farms makes for some very tasty avocados.

Cartama have been growing Hass avocados for 17 years now and the company’s run by General Manager, Ricardo Uribe. Ricardo has a team of 180 passionate avocado experts who live, breathe and love avocados! They grow buttery avocados for an incredible 11 months of the year and they’re currently working hard on planting new trees to keep up with the ever-growing demand for these trendy green fruits (you’ve probably noticed a few social media posts with a distinctly avocado-type theme).

Did you know that avocados don’t fully ripen on the tree? Cartama sends us thousands of avocados in chilled ships – we then pack them for you to either ripen at home (core tier) or we ripen them for you in our Wonderfully Curious packs.

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