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We may be ever so slightly biased but we’re pretty sure our fruit and veg is some of the best around. To make it easier for you to choose your favourites, we’ve split out our delicious offerings into separate tiers:

Our biggest range. Delicious, fresh and quality checked by our team. Perfect for jazzing up your fridge, fruit bowl or larder.

Fruit and veg which has had a little more TLC before it gets to you (usually ripening). Wonderfully also includes our premium varieties, the limited editions which have a shorter window of picking and sensational flavours.

Super ethically sourced stuff from growers who have gone the extra mile in gaining ethical accreditations and making the world a better place.

Products lovingly grown in line with Soil Association’s organic guidelines. Usually by a grower in very muddy boots. If information on sustainable agriculture floats your boat, you can find the Soil Association’s website here.

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