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Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg - December 14 2021
Another New Curious Product!

Wonderfully Curious Red Bananas are now available in over 90 Waitrose stores.


The bananas we have proudly wrapped our name around, are grown in Ecuador, where the red banana plant is a common sight - they’re sometimes even seen growing semi-wild on the roadside.


Looking at the bananas, the skin may appear to have darker patches.  However, unlike a conventional banana, the darker patches are quite normal and shouldn’t deter you from picking a bunch. The reddy-brown skin is slightly thicker than a conventional yellow banana, and this helps protect the fruit inside.


The flesh of the fruit is a creamy colour and has a creamy taste to match.  Some say it even has a hint of raspberry, but you decide for yourselves! The bananas you buy in store will be ripe and ready to enjoy. 


Now, the bit you’ve all been waiting for… where to buy them! Here’s the full list of Waitrose stores that are stocking our Wonderfully Curious Red Bananas:

  • Abingdon   
  • Admiral Park (Guernsey)                 
  • Altrincham                             
  • Barnet                                  
  • Basingstoke
  • Berkhamsted                             
  • Bishop's Stortford                      
  • Brighton                                
  • Buckhurst Hill                          
  • Bury St Edmunds                         
  • Cambridge                               
  • Canary Wharf                            
  • Cheltenham                             
  • Chichester                              
  • Cobham                                  
  • Coulsdon DFC                            
  • Dorking                                 
  • Droitwich                               
  • East Sheen                              
  • Edenbridge                              
  • Egham                                   
  • Enfield CFC                             
  • Finchley                                
  • Godalming                               
  • Goldsworth Park                         
  • Greenford CFC                          
  • Guildford                               
  • Hailsham                                
  • Harpenden                               
  • Hawkhurst                               
  • High Wycombe                            
  • Horsham New                           
  • Ipswich                               
  • John Barnes                             
  • Kenilworth                             
  • Keynsham                                
  • Kings Cross                             
  • Kingston                                
  • Leigh On Sea                           
  • Leighton Buzzard                        
  • Marlborough                             
  • Milngavie                               
  • Oxford Botley Road                      
  • Paddock Wood                           
  • Peterborough                            
  • Petersfield                            
  • Putney                                  
  • Ramsgate                                
  • Reading                                 
  • Red Houses (Jersey)                     
  • Rohais (Guernsey)                       
  • Romsey                                  
  • Rustington                              
  • Saffron Walden                         
  • Salisbury                               
  • Sevenoaks                               
  • South Harrow                           
  • South Woodford                          
  • Southend                                
  • St Helier (Jersey)                      
  • St Saviour (Jersey)                    
  • Stourbridge                             
  • Sudbury                                 
  • Thame                                   
  • Tonbridge                               
  • Westbury Park                           
  • Westfield London                        
  • Winton                                  
  • Wymondham                               
  • York                                    

Wonderfully Curious Red Bananas are now available on Waitrose.com! Shop them here.  

If you manage to get your hands on a bunch, let us know by tweeting us or tagging us on Instagram or Facebook

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